A Charming Castle with Wonderful Garden
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Who said that you must be of royalty to live in a castle? Lord over your very own palatial home today and stand to be counted amongst the elite. This special charming house is the exact definition of castle style in a Spanish setting which lends it an extra air of elegance, class and charm which is distinct of the architecture and internal décor. The property is situated in a very quiet area with wonderful open sea views within a picturesque dynamic frame of nature.
Featuring a majestic entrance supported by pillars, the house boasts of an expansive living room which is magically lit by a blend of exquisite chandeliers and natural light that streams in through the numerous windows and door spaces. A lovely fireplace injects a cozy feeling into the setting thereby toning down the mood. A grand dining room that can sit a large number of people is also present, Think a royal dinner setting without the whole serious part with quaint chandeliers which add an air of intimacy.
The fully equipped kitchen plays host to an informal log table and a small dining area where the family can have their meals loudly without worrying about the mess they create. After all, what is a little mess when everyone is stuffing themselves while having a little banter. An elaborate staircase paves way to the first floor of this 2-storey building. There you will discover 4 (double) bedrooms which have been fully fitted with wardrobes and 4 bathrooms.
Towards the back of the house is a covered terrace that runs along the length of the house and offers a generous sitting area from which you can enjoy watching the wide open skies and the lovely greenery that extends far into the horizon. Add in the private garden and well-manicured lawn, a gazebo and a naturally arched pathway, this castle awaits to be conquered and it could be yours today.
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Energy Efficiency

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