Occupying more than a third of its plot size is this expansive luxurious property which is situated close to the town of Calpe. It serves up spectacular views of the sea, the mountainous region as well as the Ifach Rock and is distinctive in its executive modern style architecture which incorporates pillars and balconies which are borrowed from Spanish influenced symmetries.
All proportions and fine lines, this property is the culmination of the use of the highest standard materials in an incorporation of artificial and natural elements that is truly desirable and wonderful. With efficiency as a priority to include the lights and other installations, everything has been optimized to save on cost such as energy and resource use while not sparing any cost in ensuring that all your needs will be effectively and thoroughly met.
And when it comes to the bedrooms, it is in this room that we tend to spend most time aside from the living room for some, and as such, effort has been invested in seeing that each of the 5 bedrooms is stylishly done, comfortable, well lit and yet spacious to allow for free movement. From the kids to the master, enjoy your privacy.
This 3 level home has multiple terraces where you can head to for sun bathing even as you take a break from your busy workday. And if you are up for a swim, engage your senses at the pool or rest up at the poolside gazebo and nap away. This while knowing that your vehicle is safely packed in the huge garage.
And all these experiences can be yours today. Just pick up the phone and dial our number and we shall help you with the rest!

Energy Efficiency

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