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Featuring a combination of rounded and sharp corners that result into this spectacularly expansive property which is situated close to the sea, the property incorporates arches and pillars into its basic structure and has numerous terraces to the delight of the occupants who get to sun bathe and use the areas to unwind while maximizing on the panoramic views. From children to adults, no one will be left behind in experiencing the best moments in life exclusive to this unique property.
The lounge is expansive and naturally lit. It has been cozily set up with emphasis laid on the feeling you will get when spending time in the space from warm to free. The fireplace is a welcome addition to keep the chill away even as it adds character to the room. A dining area has been put together at the edge of the space. And I keeping with the house size, the kitchen is on the grand scale and has been decked out in brown to feature wooden countertops which actually becomes the setting.
Another key thing to note about the home is that it has 8 bedrooms (8 doubles) and 4 bathrooms. Thus the house comes with the possibility to do hotel boutique with several separate apartments, a nice sauna and a bar near the pool. There are other outdoor areas where one can head over to and seat with privacy accorded and plenty of garden space to take a walk and explore.
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